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Your Story

The Your Story page features two ways you can share your memories and experiences as a member of the LGBTQ+ community in the Middle Tennessee region: Oral History or Digital Diary.

NQH Oral History Questions and Topics. This document is an example of some of the questions we ask in oral histories. Interviewees can pass on any questions or points of discussion. Names can be redacted for privacy.

NQH Deed of Gift Form (for oral histories and archival items). This form says that the oral history interviewee is donating the interview to Nashville Queer History, and that we will make it available to the public for education and research.

Oral History

We need people to volunteer to tell their stories of coming out, finding love, participating in activism, surviving the AIDS epidemic, and dancing with their community. Fill out the Google Form linked below to sign up for an oral history interview.

Digital Diary

Is writing more your style? Share your memories with us in what we call a “Digital Diary,” in which you can respond to questions with a few sentences or paragraphs in the Google Form linked below. CURRENTLY BEING REDEVELOPED. CHECK BACK SOON.

“We have to harvest and cultivate our own stories. Not just to feel valid but to feel rejoiced.”