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Gay & Lesbian Community Center

Category: Places

Dates: 1991-2001

Address: 703 Berry Road, Nashville, TN

The Gay and Lesbian Community Center, also known as The Center, opened in February 1991. It was a space for those young and old to gather for a variety of events, support groups, and general information about LGBTQ+ issues and local gay-friendly businesses.

According to a May 30, 1993 Tennessean article, The Center hosted a “cast of regular volunteer staff…and a crisis hot line seven days a week.” During that time, The Center served 250 people each month, not counting those who called for information. The organization also hosted lectures and public programs on religion, political issues, health, and more. They also had a little library of shelves filled with books and magazines on LGBTQ+ topics.

In 2001, The Center moved to 961 Woodland Street and renamed as the Rainbow Community Center. Like many Nashville LGBTQ+ centers, financial instability led to closure around 2003.

Sources: Tennessean, May 30, 1993 and May 7, 2003; Xenogeny News.

The Gay and Lesbian Community Center in the early 1990s, from the OutCentral Collection, Albert Gore Research Center.

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