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The World’s End

Category: Places

Dates: 1980s

Address: 1713 Church Street

A restaurant that advertised in Dare. Close to the site of Canvas, a modern gay bar.

Sources: Various issues of Dare

Updated 11/3/2021

2 thoughts on “The World’s End”

  1. The World’s End was a very popular place for gay men to go on Wednesday evening when I was first coming out in the mid-late 90’s. It was the mid-week stop on what we considered the “gay circuit.” Wednesday evening happy hour was 2-for-1 well drinks (where the liquor pours were generous) and the bar was always packed. When first coming out, I would grab my two gin-and-tonics and essentially hide in one of the booths where I could watch all of the other guys gather and talk. I eventually moved out of the booth and met a lot of great guys!
    The bar consisted of two large rooms side-by-side and if I remember right, there was a bar in each room.
    BTW, the gay circuit was basically a cadence of what gay bars men would attend on any given night. Wednesday was at World’s End, Friday night – The Chute, Saturday night – The Connection then back to the Chute for Monday night 25 cent beers

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