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Warehouse 28

Category: Places

Dates: 1978-?

Address: 2529 Franklin Pike, Nashville, TN

Warehouse 28 was a much beloved dance club space started by Steve Smith and his partner Michael “Dolly” Wilson on April 13, 1979. The 28 in the name represents the date in October that Smith and Wilson first met. They decorated the interior similar to The Club House in Washington, D.C. Warehouse 28 was hot spot for drag performances and major events, like the Miss Gay South U.S.A. pageant’s preliminary contests.

According to an interview with Wilson, during the third month of the club’s operation someone threw a fireball into the back of the building. Luckily, the property was able to be salvaged with help from the local community and it reopened within a few days.

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Sources: Various Dare issues; Philip Staffelli, “The Queer Eye for Nashville: How LGBTQ People Form Community, and Make Spaces, and Places…Like Everyone Else.” MA thesis, Middle Tennessee State University, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2021. 

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