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Ye Olde Playhouse

Category: Places

Dates: 1977-?

Address: Corner of 5th & Lea Avenue, Nashville, TN

The Other Side Disco and Ye Olde Playhouse were operated by Wayne Caldwell of Caldwell Diversified Systems, Inc. According the June 1977 issue of The Barb, Caldwell renovated the piano bar section of the lounge at 5th & Lea for his new act, the Dancing Dollies, who put on a different show each night. The paper described Ye Olde Playhouse as a “visual and audio delight” featuring plush carpeting, wall tapestries, and a complete light and sound system with a “kalidiscope [sic] of color.”

Caldwell and his manager, Jamie Summers, recruited these nightly stars to appear on stage as the Dancing Dollies: Disco Queen, Tina Louise, Lisa Lamae (Miss Gay Nashville ’77), Harlow, Regina Ray, Lennie Latoke and Beverly Hilz.

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Source: The Barb, June 1977.

Ad for The Other Side Disco and Ye Olde Playhouse in The Barb, June 1977.

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