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Crazy Cowboy II

Category: Places Dates: 1980s Address: 2311 Franklin Road Also known as Bob’s Crazy Cowboy II, it was owned by Bob L. Simrell and operated for a time by his daughter Marjorie Jean Simrell. Advertisements for Crazy Cowboy II appeared as early as 1988 in Dare.… Read More »Crazy Cowboy II

Compton House

Category: Places Dates: 1970s Address: 1504 Compton Avenue, Nashville, TN Compton House was an early LGBTQ+ community center, if not the first. Located a few blocks from Belmont University, the property was known as the Gay Community Services Center, which was open seven days a… Read More »Compton House

Club 701

Category: Places Dates: 1990s? Address: 701 4th Avenue South, Nashville, TN We need more information about this place. Use the comment box below to submit your knowledge!

Chez Collette

Category: Places Dates: 1980-2001 Address: 407 1st Avenue South First opening in 1980, Chez Colette was operated by Colette Gibbs, a French immigrant from Bordeaux. Gibbs got her start in Nashville tending bar at the Black Poodle on Printer’s Alley in the 1960s. Gibbs’ establishment… Read More »Chez Collette

The Cabaret

Category: Place Dates: Feb. 1975-1990s Address: 1711 Hayes St., Nashville, TN Sources: Tennessean, May 4, 1975 Page last updated: 11/6/21 by SEC


Category: Places Dates: 1990s-1997 Address: 301 S. 2nd Street, Nashville, TN Boots was a gay men’s leather bar. It often advertised in Xenogeny News with the tagline, “A Man’s Bar.” It was razed in 1997 for the construction of Nissan Stadium. We need more information… Read More »Boots

The Chute

Category: Places Dates: 1984-2007 Address: 2535 Franklin Pike, Nashville, TN Owned and operated by Don Hartsfield, The Chute opened in the early 1980s. It had six different themed bars in its complex and served as the home gathering space for several local organizations, including the… Read More »The Chute